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Men’s Ministry

The Three P’s

  • Being a Priest
  • Being a Provider
  • Being a Protector

It is important for every man and young man growing up to know the Three Ps. Being a priest, provider, and protector for your family is important

Why do young men no longer want to be in Church?

Statistics say that the ratio between females and males in church is 7:3. Over 70% of the population of the church is composed of females.


Because of what they heard or what they experienced about the church. Leaders can have on a uniform that says that they are a “Christian”, but their actions do not match “Christianity”. With this, Males are more prone to not give the church a chance like Females will and this causes the male population to be strictly the staff of the Church.

What is a disciple?

A disciple is not only one who teaches others Christianity and God’s will, but a disciple is also one who learns from another person or strictly from the Bible.

Natural and Spiritual Birth

  • Natural Birthis the process of being born from your mother’s womb. This, however, does not make you a Christian.
  • Spiritual Birth (also known as being born again) is the process of one accepting Jesus Christ and God into their life and knowing that Jesus, the messiah, is their savior.

Last 10 year statistics

33% poverty, have emotional problems, be involved in criminal activity, and have a lack of self confidence. (Want to be thugs, gangsters, call girls “abused”, of all children are born out of wed-lock.

Why is this so important? With these statistics, children being fatherless are 5 times more likely to live in poverty, have emotional problems, be involved in criminal activity, and have a lack of self confidence. Out of 93% of guys in correctional facilities, 85% had no fathers in their home. Having no fathers in the home can cause many issues in a child’s life and can induce emotional problems and criminal activities.

Who causes the good church to look bad?

Not only members of the church cause the church to look bad, but people outside of the church (commonly via. mass media) hurt churches who are actually are good. They can influence viewers and their audience that churches (definitely the black churches) are bad.

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